Spell Casting Service

What is a spell casting service?

The spell casting service is where I cast a spell for you, drawing on over 20 of years experience practicing witchcraft I will custom make your spell to fit your specific needs or situation.


I offer a free Spell Consultation to discuss your needs and to answer any questions or concerns you have about the process. 


What can spells be used for?

Spells can be made for almost every need or desire and placed on people, places, objects or situations, from money, love, happiness, friendships, forgiveness, peace, protection, banishing (people, entities, habits etc.), binding, summoning spirits, assistance developing psychic ability and basically anything else you can think of.

Will it backfire or return 3 fold?

The short answer is no. A spell only backfires when it is cast incorrectly or without the appropriate checks prior to casting.

As for the spell returning times 3, simply put this is a modern misinterpretation of multiple laws that govern energy which need to be studied and understood in depth before casting spells. The law of polarity, the law of vibration, the law of cause and effect, the law of equal exchange to name a few.

When the universal laws are not considered you run the risk of creating an imbalance in the universe which the universe will correct on it's own.
Think of water in a pool rushing in to fill the void after you scoop out a bucket of water, so too will energy rush back at you and "backfire" if shifted hastily without any thought, this can sometimes happen if the energy isn't moved carefully with caution and applied knowledge. 


What can I ask for in my spell?

Anything you want really, but because energy is governed by laws an easy way to think of this is the bigger and/or more complex your desire is, the more energy will be required to power the spell.


The bigger stuff usually takes quite a lot of energy, 

preparation and would also require calling in spirits, Gods and Goddesses to help facilitate the amount of energy required to move that many parts of the universe to have your desires manifest.

There may be requests too big for me to manifest or too energetically and time-consuming for me to perform for the general spell casting price. If you should require more extensive magicks not covered by my spell casting service I am happy to negotiate a fee for ongoing services or higher/ceremonial magickal services. However most desires can be serviced with the general spell casting service. This can all be discussed during a free Spell Consultation

How do I know you've actually cast the spell?

After the consultation, should you choose to go ahead with the spell I will begin creating the spell itself within 48 hours of receiving payment and will cast the spell at the time discussed and agreed upon in your consultation.

You will get constant updates via email on the progress of your spell and will be notified when it's completed, along with photo's of your spell in it's construction/finished state. You will be able to contact me at any point throughout the entire process via email should you have any more questions.


Some spells will require specific timing depending on moon phase, planetary days/hours, location of casting the spell (beach, forest, river etc.), but this would have been previously discussed during the consultation phase of the service, prior to payment. 

Is witchcraft evil?

No, think of witchcraft like the study of universal mechanics. Cultures throughout the ages have all used energy/magick to assist their lives, like we're all using the same ingredients but culturally we prepare the energy in different ways for different purposes. The good or evil comes from the intentions of the witch practicing the magick.
Witchcraft is the study of how the universe works and how spirit operates within it. Given that everything is made of energy, witchcraft is literally the study of energy, the fabric of the universe. 

Through these studies we witches learn how to move, manipulate and tinker with these energies that underpin our universe to produce some sort of tangible result. This is what we call energy work which is the foundation of all magick.

In the same way a knife is only a weapon in the hands of someone with evil intent, witchcraft is only evil if the person operating the magick is using it for evil.


If you were hungry you could go and forage for food, hunt for food, go shopping, order in, order out, dine in, dine out, go through a drive-thru, there are many ways to achieve the goal of satiating your hunger but you wouldn't judge someone for ordering pizza instead of foraging and hunting for their food, or harvesting the crops that went towards making the pizza;

Witchcraft is no different, it's just another means to an end that is only seen as unfair by those who choose not to utilise this method of interaction with the universe. It's loving if used lovingly, it's hurtful if used harmfully, it's helpful if used helpfully. 

How do I know if the spell has worked?

Depending on your desire it will depend on how the spell is cast, when it is cast and also the turn-around time for the spell to run its course. I have experience in many forms of magick and can usually give a rough time frame for the spell's results to manifest, however it cannot be guaranteed but it will manifest in it's own perfect timing. 
You will be given a private email address to contact me with any concerns you might have after the spell has been cast. 

Can I use the spell casting service to cast spells on other people?

Yes, however a divination will need to be performed in order to ensure the spell won't affect the persons karmic path, if it's found that it will affect their karmic path/cycle then the spell cannot proceed and your money will be refunded in full. Usually spells don't benefit you if your focus is in changing someone elses life for better or worse, there are better avenues are available that will more than likely satisfy your desire or needs. 

If I were to proceed despite the divination showing negative  effects on a persons karmic cycle it would take consistent casting on my part in order to maintain the person in a "fixed" state meaining the moment I stop the spells effects will taper off and fizzle out and the universe will correct their path back to their karmic path rather than being stuck doing what the spell is forcing them to do, or worst case scenario it could backfire completely (on you). This is why I won't proceed if the divination shows it will effect the persons karmic path.

Can you hex or curse someone for me?

I won't cast to cause somebody suffering or harm of any kind, however I will cast to banish harmdoers from your life.  

In certain circumstances I do believe there are times in life we are called to stand up and fight for ourselves, for the defenceless, or those we love without going overboard and creating an imbalance in the universe, or as I call it "going full-blown Nancy".
This type of magick is last resort and requires a divination prior to casting and an extensive consultation is needed to clarify the exact situation and whether or not it is justified to take such action to prevent karmic imbalances.

Can I use spells for personal gain?

Absolutely! The only thing to keep in mind is there are universal laws that govern energy and when you cause something to happen, the energy you shift will cause other things seen and unseen to shift and this is where a backfire effect can happen. 
This is why it pays to either do your own research (extensively for many years) or ask an experienced witch to cast it for you, as an experienced witch will know which precautions to take and how to cast the spell safely.  


     Do unto others...