Psychic Readings

I'm a clairvoyant medium and I offer psychic readings to suit all needs and issues! With over 20 years experience doing psychic readings and use a variety of tools to ensure you get a well rounded understanding of your situation and what your spirits have to say about it!

There is no situation that I will ever judge you for, if you come to me for a reading I will hold your situation as sacred and will never condemn or shame you. My aim is to help you by providing psychic guidance and passing on messages from spirit with all the loving kindness I can possible share. All readings are totally confidential and your information will never be shared under any circumstances or for any purpose.  


General Readings + Questions  
A general reading where we dive into your past present and future situations that your spirit guides want you to know about with detailed insights, and then I will read on your specific questions and also get spirits' input about what is going on and their advice on how to best go about things!  

Past Life Readings
Past life readings are to see what happened in the most relevant past lives and how you can work with that information to make sense of some of the largest themes in your current life, your quirks, your traits, your gifts and anything that spirit wants you to know about. These types of readings can be very eye-opening and can explain a lot about a persons ups and downs throughout their life, and also awaken past knowledge that can empower you in this lifetime!

Annual Forecast
These readings can be done at any time throughout the year and will give you an overview of the next 12 months concerning the main themes/events within each month and spirits advice for each of those months to best help you maximise your potential and even avoid undesirable outcomes! I've been doing these personally and for friends for years now and they are always very illuminating readings! 

My readings are pre-recorded and you will be sent a private link for you to watch as many times as you'd like! The link for your personal reading will be sent within 2 days after payment.

I can read on almost anything that you need to know about, so please get in touch and we can discuss your concerns! I also do weekly readings on YouTube that are free! 

I do not read into other peoples lives on your behalf. 
Readings may include information about the people around you but never anything that would violate their privacy.
It's more that spirit will tell you how to go about handling the people, the situations and the circumstances in your life, and how those things show up in your life.