Magick Mentorship

Magick Mentorship is a service I offer to train anyone in the magickal arts or to enhance their current systems of practice with the appropriate relevant tools and techniques. We start by discussing what you want to achieve and how I can help get you there.

Each Magick Mentor session is a 1-hour video or audio call, and we dive straight into it, so you get your money's worth! You'll have 7 days after your session where you can email me as many times as you need, to ask questions or discuss any topics of interest or concern.

As a bonus, all students are automatically entered into a monthly draw for a free psychic reading.

What specifically will you teach me?

It all depends on your needs! I can teach you magick from the basics to advanced practices, enabling you to safely and proficiently use real magick in your life!

I can teach you how to contact and work with spirits to a tangible and verifiable degree.

I can teach you how to enhance your current spiritual practice using decades of magickal knowledge and experience.

Or, I can teach you everything I know, which ranges from high magick (ceremonial magick), low magick (folk magick), active magick (real-time on-the-go stuff), psychic development, white-black magick, astral projection, meditation, weather magick, luck magick, money magick and many more areas of the craft!

How long does it take to complete?

The mentorship isn't designed to have a set time limit. It depends on your level of knowledge and experience. The service is here to assist you for as long as you wish to engage with the service.
So, if you want me to teach you all I've learned in the last 24 years of practice, it might take more than just a few sessions. However, you might find the podcast/youtube channel helpful as I share stories and tips over there for free!

What is magick?

The term "magick" is a broad term but put simply, magick is the study of energy in all its forms and functions and then utilising this knowledge to affect change.

Is it safe?

Magick can be practised safely if done correctly. Energy is governed by universal laws. When you study magick you must study these laws, like all tools they must be used with care and applied knowledge othwerise you could hurt yourself, or others.
Various sources over the years have presented these laws in many ways, sometimes omitting certain fundamental laws which is when people end up using energy to no effect or to undesirable effects.

This can be avoided by either studying for years with practical application of your knowledge, or taking on a mentor who can guide you, speeding up your spiritual progression and reducing/nullifying the risks associated with magick.  

What are your qualifications?

I am a Gubibulu, the Western magickal equivalent is a High Priest/Witchdoctor. I come from a long line of magickal practitioners and psychics, both European and Indigenous Australian and have been practising magick consistently for the last 24 years.

My father is clairvoyant.
My grandmother is a psychic witch. 
My great-grandmother was psychic. My great great grandmother was psychic.
My great great grandfather was a tribal leader and Gubibulu (clever man/tribal spiritual leader who practices magick).

There are many other aunty's, uncles, and family elders who were psychic, magick practitioners, or both. 

I'm Gugu Badhun and Ngadjonji (Indigenous Australian). There are other tribes I stem from but due to the genocide, we lost that information.  

However, over the years I have been piecing together our tribal spiritual knowledge from tribal elders, family members and spiritual beings from our tribes and familial lineage.

With a blend of Western magicks and my Indigenous Australian magicks, I've cultivated a blend of spiritual practices that have maximised and enhanced my overall experience. 

Is magick evil?

No, it's neutral like all tools and systems. It's only when the concious mind inteferes with these natural processes that it become's subject to the will of the practitioner or spiritual person. 

Can I use magick for personal gain?

Absolutely! The only thing to keep in mind is there are universal laws at play that require application when manifesting spiritual desires. 

Magick when applied correctly with the right knowledge can be breath-taking and awe-inspiring. The notion of not using magick for personal gain was made popular through hollywood, but this is a false notion, if you know how to work it, it will work for you.

Through the mentorship, I will show you how to cast magick safely and effectively, leaving you with the skills to work with energy and create real magick no matter where you are or what supplies you have.