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Magick Mentorship

1 hour Magick Mentorship Session - $70

Psychic Personal Readings

General Reading + 1 Question   - $80

General Reading + 2 Questions - $100
General Reading + 3 Questions - $120
Past Life Reading                        - $80
Annual Forecast                          - $150

Payments can be done via PayPal or direct bank transfer, you will be sent a link after getting in contact.

Readings are recorded, and you will be emailed a video of your personal reading within 2 days of payment. The length of your reading may vary depending on what spirit wants to say and the complexity of the situation unfolding in the reading.

A 'general reading + 1 question' is usually around 30 minutes.

For a breakdown of each type of reading, please refer to the 'Psychic Readings' page for more info!